Adventure in your hands – Discover these independent magazines

Independent magazines can grab you by the imagination and lead you deep into your chosen world. I especially enjoy the authentic voices of contributors, and their photographs and illustrations can’t always be fully appreciated on a small screen.

Comprised of a series of relatively short pieces, these publications fit perfectly into a busy life. Make a coffee, sit down, and read…

Sidetracked “Adventure Inspired”

Featuring global and even extra-terrestrial pieces the locations are often obscure, sometimes familiar, but the perspective is always unique as a variety of contributors tell their travel and adventure stories.

Collaboration between writers and photographers is Sidetracked’s real strength, producing vivid and authentic storytelling that places the reader right in that moment.

I recommend Leo Houlding’s maturing Reflections as he climbs Greenland’s Mirror Wall, documented by Matt Pycroft’s equally eloquent photography in Sidetracked Volume 7.

Like the Wind “It’s about why we run, not how to run”

There are plenty of running magazines for your head – with training plans, nutrition, or the latest gear – but there’s only one for your heart. Like the Wind will probably make you laugh, or cry, sometimes in the same story.

The wide range of contributors reflects the variety of the running world, but they tell personal stories any runner can relate to.

Submissions are complemented by illustrations interpreting the runners’ words, showcasing a range of artists and styles. My personal favourite is the Like the Wind Issue #6 mountain running edition featuring a tactile cover illustration of the route around Mont Blanc by Aurore Carric.

Another Escape “Outdoor lifestyle | Creative culture | Sustainable living”

Each issue examines perspectives from individuals about their outdoor lifestyle, motivations, and passions. Whether they’re crafts people, conservationsists, or artists, they share an inseparable connection to the place in which they’re rooted.

Many are pioneers, drawing on traditional wisdom with an eye to a sustainable future. In-depth interviews give breathing space to their non mainstream ideas, and by documenting their holistic relationships with the outdoors, we are encouraged to reconnect with the landscapes that sustain us. 

That sense of connection is Another Escape’s real strength, celebrating uniqueness while recognising the impact individuals have on each other and the world we’re all a part of. The Another Escape Volume 5 feature on Norway and the ‘friluftsliv’ inspired my own recent trip to the fjords.

Do you read any of these, are there more I need to discover? Comment and let me know…

3 thoughts on “Adventure in your hands – Discover these independent magazines

  1. HermitCrab

    Hello Anna, I’m so glad I came across your site here! ‘Another Escape’ looks like a really interesting magazine, and I’m definitely going to check it out. Especially since my dad just came back from a hiking trip in Norway…he’s already dreaming of returning, and your pics of Odda look stunning!

    I fully empathise with and support your advocacy of women’s participation in outdoor adventure. Your work and your blog are excellent steps!


    Liked by 1 person

  2. runnerriderwriter

    Great post, I LOVE Sidetracked it’s great to see someone else enjoying and promoting what I think is a very underappreciated mag/journal. Like you said I enjoy the way the writing style makes you feel like you’re right there in the moment with them. I’m going to get onto checking out the other publications you suggested now!
    I’m not sure they are quite an independant magazine but Singletrack are a mountain biking mag that often have some good travel stories where the writers have been riding in pretty obscure places. They are usually well written too.

    Liked by 1 person


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