Moon Climbing – Made in Sheffield range showcases local designers & artists

It’s not often you find products entirely locally designed and made, but the new Moon Climbing ‘Made in Sheffield’ range is exactly that. The bespoke, distinctively styled products made by Sheffield’s local artists and designers draw on the city’s climbing heritage, and will carry a ‘Made in Sheffield’ logo.

The products launched include the S7 Retro Chalk Bag, S7 Rope Bag, and S7 Musette – S7 being the Nether Edge postcode at the heart of Sheffield’s climbing community. 

S7 Retro Chalk Bag Grey-Maroon

S7 Retro Chalk Bag, Made in Sheffield

As well as their distinctive styling, the Made in Sheffield products are unique in that they are designed, developed, and manufactured in the new workshop of Tim Fish Design in Sheffield.

An award winning design consultancy, Tim Fish works with some of the biggest names in the outdoor industry, and has been designing and developing Moon kit for ten years.


S7 Rope Bag, Made in Sheffield

Moon Climbing is itself a Sheffield based company, established by climber Ben Moon. One of the most influential sport climbers of the 1980s/90s, Moon developed a style of training that focused on harder more powerful moves, pushing sport climbing then bouldering to new levels.

The aim with Moon Climbing is to take that world class experience and use it to have a say in the development of world class climbing products. It’s an example of the unique talent found in the Outdoor City, where experience and passion combine with design expertise and creativity to produce world leading products.

S7 Musette MIS petrol blue

S7 Musette, Made in Sheffield

The ‘Made in Sheffield’ range is available now from Moon Climbing. For Sheffield climbers it offers a choice of products that support local businesses and contribute to the local economy.

The featured products are on display along with work by over 100 Sheffield companies as part of the Made in Sheffield Exhibition at the Millennium Gallery from 6 July 2016 to 8 January 2017.

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