Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB) camping – packing/kit list

I have received a lot of messages asking if I’ll share my packing list for the Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB) hike, so here it is:

Description Packed
Guide book and map
Passport and money, paperwork, tickets etc
Sleeping bag
Sleeping mat
Waterproof stuff sacks – various sizes
Rucksack rain cover
Stove and pan (buy gas on arrival)
Titanium cutlery set
2l water bladder
1l water bottle
Collapsible coffee filter
Travel towel
Toiletries and first aid kit
Sun glasses
Mobile phone power pack and charger
Pen knife
Headtorch and spare batteries
Travel plug adapter
Ultra light day pack (10l)
Toilet paper
Walking poles
Hut shoes/flipflops
Fuel – buy on arrival
Food – buy en route
Trail shoes
Waterproof jacket  
Waterproof trousers
Walking trousers (zip off)
1x light synthetic jacket
2 x Sports bra
Underwear and socks
3x Vests
2x Base layer
Vest and shorts to sleep in
Running leggings 3/4
Short shorts

This is just my personal list, I hope you find it helpful as a basis for your own list. As usual, use your judgement about what will be suitable for the terrain and weather you’ll encounter on the trail.

Please do share your comments and packing tips!

7 thoughts on “Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB) camping – packing/kit list

  1. williamgriffiths


    We are coming to walk the TMB in a few weeks time and plan to start at Les Houches, we are camping and will need to buy camping fuel before we start our trek.

    Are there any places in Les Houches that sell camping fuel, either screw gas canisters like ‘Primus’ for liquid fuel methanol. Also we will be arriving on Sunday, will these shops be open?

    Thanks and great blog by the way!,


  2. agoojjim

    Hi. Thanks for the info. I have a two questions.

    1. Were there water sources on trail or did you have to start each morning with the day’s water needs in your bag?
    2. Is camping/cooking allowed on trail or is it limited to established sites only?
    Much thanks in advance!


    1. Anna Paxton Post author

      Hi Bobbie, thanks I’m glad you’ve found the blog useful!

      I bought fuel in Chamonix, the best gear shop is on the main street, it’s called Snell Sports.

      I think some of the larger campsites might sell gas, but I’m not certain (Du Glacier, Le Pontet, Des Glaciers), I’m sure you could email and check with them.

      Have a great trip!




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