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Percy Pud 10k, Sheffield (organised by Steel City Striders)

Percy Pud 10k Sheffield

The Percy Pudding!

Percy Pud 10k, 7 December 2014 – This was one of the first 10k races I ever entered, and I had mentally prepared myself for the long steep hill I remembered battling up to the finish line. In the usual rush of runners taking off at the start I decided to take it easy and run at a comfortable pace. I enjoy the thought process of 10k races, gauging how I feel and mentally ticking off each kilometre. They always seem to fly by and I’m just sad they’re over so fast. At the 5k turning point I was pleased with my time, and feeling very comfortable. After 7k, I realised that if I carried on at the same pace I would not only beat my PB, but I would also finish within the 45 minute 10k target that I had set myself for 2015. At 8.5k, with only the ‘big uphill’ remaining I found that in fact, there was no huge hill – I remembered it that way because I was a new runner when I first ran the race! I was very happy to finish with a time under 45 minutes, and collect my Percy Pudding. I’m sure my family will enjoy it on Christmas day, and I definitely feel that I earned it.

Percy Pud is a popular race, not just because the prize for all finishers is a Christmas pudding. It is a fast and spacious out-and-back course, all road, described as undulating but it feels mainly downhill on the way out, and finishes slightly uphill. I would recommend this race for all runners, it would be a perfect first 10k and is good for a potential PB for more experienced runners. Although there are 1800 places, you must apply early if you want to get a place as the race is very popular and sells out quickly every year. Car share if you can because the on-road parking gets overcrowded.

The event is organised by Steel City Striders running club, you can see their website and race information here http://www.steelcitystriders.co.uk/percy-pud-10k/

Sheffield Tententen, Endcliffe Park 10k – October 2014

Endcliffe Park tententen Sheffield

Endcliffe Park tententen Sheffield

Climbing has taken up the majority of my time and energy for the past couple of years, so I haven’t entered a 10k race for a long time. When an injured friend offered me his entry into the Sheffield Tententen, which starts five minutes from my front door, I grabbed the opportunity to get back into running.

I don’t find it easy to just potter round, when I run I want to run the fastest and hardest that I can, and since I hadn’t really been training I wasn’t sure how I’d perform. The Endcliffe Park 10k is not a race to aim for a PB, it involves two 5k loops with a short road section, a short but very steep (and muddy!) hill, and some fairly narrow undulating trails through the woods. I usually prefer to run on my own, so I was concerned about feeling crowded in the race. It really wasn’t a problem, I should have worried more about my lack of fitness on the hills, they were short but sharp and I really felt it!

Ideally, I wanted to finish in under 50 minutes, my final time was 50:06. I knew it was close, but I’m happy that I ran as hard as I could and just couldn’t have squeezed the extra 6 seconds from anywhere. It’s a great benchmark time for my first 10k in two years, and I’ll be aiming to bring that right down in 2015.

I have run this race in previous years, and it’s one of the best 10ks that I’ve entered. Endcliffe Park is ideal for friends and family to watch so there’s a great atmosphere, it’s really well organised by runners for runners… and the T shirts are the best designed with this year’s orange my favourite so far!

If you want to enter next year, or would like more information about the event, this is the website http://www.sheffield10k.com.