Winter kit essentials: Buff @kitshack

Back in the autumn Kit Shack asked me if I would like to try out one of their Buffs. They have a huge range including the Original Buff, merino wool, and knitted. I chose the Original Buff which I thought would be most suitable for trail running, walking, and climbing.

My new Buff soon became the one piece of kit I never leave the house without. It’s totally adaptable – there are up to 13  Ways to Wear depending on the weather and the activity you’re doing.

I mainly wear it as a headband to keep my hair out of my face and my ears warm when I’m running or walking. When the weather is changeable I like to wear it as a neckwarmer, which means that it’s handy if I do need to cover my head or ears for a short time and I don’t need to dig into my bag for a hat.

In colder conditions with strong wind or horizontal sleet I’ve used it to protect my face. It’s fully breatheable so it doesn’t trap moisture against your skin and create a clammy feeling. I’ve also worn it as a beanie underneath my helmet for climbing and mountain biking. The Buff material is thin so it doesn’t change the fit of the helmet or feel uncomfortable, but it did keep my head nice and warm.

The best thing about the Buff is that it’s super light (only 35g), really adaptable, and it comes in a range of patterns and colours so you can choose one that suits your style.

If you fancy treating yourself, your child, or even your dog you can find the whole range at the Kit Shack website, or follow them on Twitter @Kitshack.

1 thought on “Winter kit essentials: Buff @kitshack

  1. awomanafoot

    Yeah, the buff is a must! I have four different ones – two originals and two merino. I don’t own a hat as I prefer the more versatile buff to use it as one (And later as a neck warmer or headband…).
    Happy hiking,
    ioanna (a woman afoot)



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