Thomas Theyer Fell Race – Thomas Theyer Foundation, Peak District 10.5k April 2016


The rolling green hills and white limestone outcrops of the White Peak produced an undulating route for the first Thomas Theyer Fell Race. With sustained uphill stretches on tiny country roads, and long descents over pitted green fields and well-worn limestone trails, it made for fast feet.

Turning the corner towards the final stretch I saw that the race finishes with a steep ascent of a huge field. It loomed above me and I felt mentally defeated. After all the running I’d already done I thought I could not get up that hill. As I tried to stride purposefully onwards a tiny newborn lamb joined me all the way, bleating loudly. What a perfect, funny moment! I did make it up that hill, and it felt amazing (afterwards).


Being in the outdoors teaches us skills that we bring to our everyday lives – resilience, mental strength, and confidence in our ability to overcome life’s obstacles. It also gives us a chance to step out of the daily routine and appreciate the beauty of the world around us.

The mission of the Thomas Theyer Foundation  is that children and young people with additional needs or living with difficult life circumstances have the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from outdoor activity breaks. The foundation is raising funds to build two lodges at White Hall Education Centre in the heart of the Peak District.

Thank you to the Thomas Theyer Foundation and the White Hall Outdoor Education Centre for a fantastic race with a lovely community feel.

Photos by Phil Sproson Photography.



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